Thursday, January 31, 2013

ScinoPharm and Foresee Pharma's joint venture towards Prostate Cancer drug

This week ScinoPharm and Foresee Pharma announced the formation of a Joint Venture for a sequence of peptide injectable drugs. An injectable drug with the active ingredient being Lupron is currently used to treat Prostate cancer, the idea behind the new peptide drug will be a form of controlled-release delivery system.

This peptide injectable drug is for treatment of prostate cancer and will be the first new drug investment made by ScinoPharm. The pivotal Phase III clinical trial is planned for late 2013. Pending a successful filing and New Drug Application approval, the product is expected to be launched in the USA in 2016-2017 with international filings to follow.

Partnerships are springing up across various areas and pharma is taking advantage of this diversity. In 2013, what types of tactics can you use to connect discovery and development?

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