Friday, February 1, 2013

Scientists find new ways to advance using Nano-particles

Scientists have figured out a way to camouflage nano-particles, making them undetectable to your immune system, which would normally intercept and destroy them. These nano-particles are identified by our bodies as cells from our very own immune system, which gives them the ability to pinpoint their target like never before. This opens the door for treatments for various diseases, especially treating cancer.

The breakthrough has paved the way to a revolutionary drug delivery system, targeting specific cells and cell types including cancers, unthinkable with any other existing method. Scientists from Methodist Hospital Research Institute (MHRI) cloaked nano-particles in the membranes of white blood cells, described as `LeukoLike Vectors` or LLVs, to hoodwink the immune system, the journal Nature Nanotechnology reports.

As we enter 2013, drug delivery continues to advance, daily. So what does this mean for the Pharmaceutical industry?

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