Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quality-by-Design in Pharmaceutical Product Development

Last year at Drug Delivery Partnerships, Chetan Pujara, Ph.D. Senior Director, Small Molecule Product Development, Pharmaceutical Development, Global Pharmaceutical Sciences, Allergan presented on "Quality-by-Design and Quality Risk Management in Pharmaceutical Product Planning". Below is a brief teaser of the presentation - in order to view the complete presentation, click here. 

Pharmaceutical Development
To design a quality product and its manufacturing process to deliver the intended performance of the product.

Quality by Design
QbD is a systematic approach to pharmaceutical development that begins with predefined objectives and emphasizes product and process understanding based on sound science and quality risk management

Overall Principle of this approach:
Quality cannot be tested into products; i.e.,
Quality should be built in by design.

Key Principles of QbD
• Systematic approach to
   – Product design
   – Process design & control
   – Process performance & continuous improvement
• Quality: Quality cannot be tested in the product; it should be built in by design
• Product Knowledge: Scientific understanding in the establishment of design, specifications and manufacturing
• Regulatory Flexibility
   – Design space proposed by applicant is subject to regulatory assessment and working within the space is not a change
   – Movement out of design space is considered to be a change and requires post-approval change process

Is QbD really a new concept?
• QbD is not a new concept from the technology perspective
• QbD is new relative to regulatory review and submission
• QbD is optional and should not become a regulatory requirement as agreed to in ICH Q8
• QbD will not necessarily be included in all submissions
• Generation of QbD information during IND phases should be at industry discretion

7 Step QbD Process for Pharmaceutical Product Development
1. Quality target product profile
2. Identify approach to drug product formulation/manufacturing process.
3. Identify potential Critical Quality Attributes of RM/DS/DP
4. Identify potential Critical Process Parameters
5. Using risk assessment & experimental approaches, determine the functional relationships that link raw material CQAs and unit operation CPPs to drug product CQAs
6. Refine formulation and manufacturing process, if necessary and repeat steps 3 -5 to meet QTPP defined in Step 1.
7. Establish Design Space and Control Strategy

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