Monday, August 12, 2013

Researchers testing new possibilities for mesothelioma treatment

Researchers in Australia are working on a new type of drug delivery system that delivers medication for mesothelioma in a patch or cream form. This new system would deliver the drug through the skin and into the bloodstream, targeting the cancer cells directly.

The Griffith University project, under the leadership of Medical Professor Jiri Neuzil, is focusing on a drug that would be applied to the skin as a patch or cream. The drug would enter the blood stream through the skin and would target only mesothelioma cells. Studies of the drug in mice have shown promise and Professor Neuzil says his team is now working toward human mesothelioma trials.

Many drug delivery systems seem to be shifting to transdermal or microneedle methods, what other forms of technology do you think we'll see in the future?

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