Monday, July 15, 2013

New PRINT technology helps customize nanoparticles

Scientists are reporting that new PRINT technology could potentially change the way drugs are delivered by simply changing their shape. The technology is able to mold the drugs into a more precise shape using organic materials, which in turn will help accelerate the entire process of the application.

So how exactly does this work? Using this new combination of the two existing technologies, scientists can produce very small, uniform particles with customized layers of material that can carry drugs or other molecules to interact with their environment, or even target specific types of cells. Combining both PRINT and spray layer by layer, will help to create a customized particle that is able to deliver the drug in a more fast and efficient way. Researchers are aiming to apply this particular system for cancer treatment, hoping it will help target tumors in a more direct way.

How will this help reduce product time? And more importantly, how will this impact the way we treat cancer in the future?

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