Thursday, January 24, 2013

Session Spotlight: Overcome Challenges Associated with the Development of Drug Delivery-Based Generics

With fewer new products to target and more intense competition for a share of existing markets, the generic sector has seen an emergence of drug delivery based niche/complex generics for key targets and market segments where the profit margins would be higher. This session examines the key challenges faced by these specialized generics, including regulatory barriers, technology development, and cost-containment policies. With so many patents expiring soon, the door for the future of generics is open. However, you will also be faced with the challenge of getting users and prescribers to use these specialized generics, what is the best way to proceed? How is your company successfully developing drug delivery-based generics?

Session: Overcome Challenges Associated with the Development of Drug Delivery-based Generics

Speaker: Avinash Nangia, M.Pharm., Ph.D., Senior Director, Product Development, SANDOZ, INC.

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