Friday, January 4, 2013

QLT signs option agreement with Mati Therapeutics

Last week, QLT, a canadian based biotech company focusing on retinal disease, announced the signing of an exclusive agreement option with Mati Therapeutics. QLT ($QLTI) has signed an exclusive option agreement with Mati Therapeutics for its punctal plug delivery system, which delivers drugs to the surface of the eye through the tear film. Mati has the option of up to three 30-Day extensions.

A punctual plug is a small device that is inserted into the tear duct to deliver medication. They are expected to deliver medication for a longer period of time, without as many trips to the doctor's office. If Mati decides to buy the punctal plug assets, it will pay an additional $750,000 on closing as well as certain milestone payments and a low single digit royalty on net sales of products using or developed from the technology.  A collaboration also involves taking a risk, so how do you weigh your options? And where do you start?

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