Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Session Spotlight: What is the next great market for novel drug delivery systems and why?

Emerging markets mean opportunity for growth, especially in terms of Drug Delivery technology. The performance of drugs in other countries as well as the delivery system both vary. Before you can market your drug, you must first understand the region where it is being developed. With so many different markets, it can be overwhelming to think about, where do you start? 

Session Spotlight: Understand the Science of Delivery in Emerging Markets to More Successfully Market Your System

About the Session: When we think of the strategy for product development, it can’t just be a US/EU strategy. Emerging markets have to be a part of the conversation. For drug delivery, the preferred delivery system could vary from what is preferred in the US/EU. In the session: Understand the Science of Delivery in Emerging Markets to More Successfully Market Your System, hear about strategies to understand the region you seek to market your product in to ensure you are taking everything into consideration when coming up with your regional delivery strategies.

Moderator: Deborah Bingham, Partner, VALEO PARTNERS

When developing a product in a foreign country, understanding the region that you seek is a key component in order to market your drug. Join us at the 17th annual Drug Delivery Partnerships as we discuss the importance of understanding the foreign market and regulatory agencies. To learn more about the Drug Delivery Partnerships event, check out our agenda and join us February 6-8 in San Diego, Ca!

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