Thursday, December 13, 2012

New nanotechnology to target cancer cells

Sirtex Medical and Singhealth have teamed up to create a new delivery device which could assist in the treatment of Ovarian cancer. The small, carbon-wrapped packages can be delivered by an injection, and are undetectable to your immune system, allowing them to be delivered directly to the tumor.

The technology, known as carbon cage nanoparticles, could provide new options for hard-to-treat cancers. The particles have an inert shell that can be coated with targeting molecules, or coatings that make them invisible to the immune system. The technology also has potential in gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary and other gynecological cancers. The technology was derived from an aerosol containing carbon particles called technegas.

Nanotechnology seems to be on the rise, and with so many patents expiring, the time for research and development is now. Is this highly efficient, targeted strategy the future of drug delivery?

Nanotechnology continues to emerge as a unique strategy for drug delivery technology. At the 17th annual Drug Delivery Partnerships, Robert C. Getts, PhD, Vice President, R&D, CSO, GENISPHERE, LLC, discusses the properties, characteristics, and utility of nanotechnology as well as other drug delivery technology innovations. To learn more about the Drug Delivery Partnerships event, check out our agenda and join us February 6-8 in San Diego, Ca!

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