Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where does drug delivery fit into the pharmaceutical pipeline?

Pipelines are shrinking, blockbuster drugs are going off-patent and the global pharmaceutical industry is seeing much more competition from emerging market companies.    So how are you going to add value to your company’s pipeline? 

At the 17th Annual Drug Delivery Partnerships we can help you …
• Develop strategies and priorities for investing in drug delivery technologies
• Understand the most important technologies and companies involved in developing new drug delivery technologies in key therapeutic areas.

What are some highlighted sessions for you to consider attending to accelerate your drugs to market and lengthen lifecycles for long term profitability?

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: When Drug Delivery Creates a Blockbuster presented by Mr. David Pyott Chairman, President and CEO of Allergan

About the session: Allergan has a long history of success in the biopharmaceutical industry and drug delivery has played a key role in several areas of the company’s pipeline. The company has achieved extraordinary market success with Botox and in eye care specifically and the delivery of those products has allowed them to become billion dollar investments.
In this keynote presentation, the, discusses how Allergan achieved these successes and others and how drug delivery has played an essential role.

FEATURED KEYNOTE PANEL: Where Does Drug Delivery Fit into the Pharmaceutical Pipeline?
Panelists: Christopher Seaton, SVP, Global Licensing, BAYER PHARMACEUTICALS, James Hattersley, Vice President, Corporate Business Development, SUN PHARMACEUTICALS, Chris Jones, Vice President and Global Head, Pharmaceutical Development, ASTRAZENECA

About the session: Those working in pharma know how important drug delivery is for pipeline development, but have to get buy-in from senior management to get those important resources for development. This executive keynote panel discusses and debates:
• Differentiation as the key goal in developing and seeking out new technologies
• What is the FDA going to allow and how tough will it be to get things through?
• How is the rise of generics affecting the delivery strategy?
• How is the idea of “innovation” continuing to drive company strategy?
Moderator: Roy Waldron, Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel, PFIZER

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