Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Audeo Oncology going for IPO with unique drug delivery method for support

Audeo Oncology is going to make an initial public offering, and is believed to be able to raise $60 million for their unique form of drug delivery.  These anti-cancer treatments are unique due to the hydraulic acid based delivery that targets tumors.

According to Fierce Drug Delivery, this is how the drug delivery works:
Audeo's Hyaluronic Acid Chemotransport Technology, or HyACT platform, traps chemotherapy drugs in hyaluronic acid and delivers higher amounts of drugs to tumor cells than chemo alone without increasing toxicity, the company says in its SEC filing for the proposed IPO. Targeted to CD44 receptors on cancer cells, the HyACT drugs are designed to slip into leaky tumor vasculature and unleash high amounts of chemo into tumor cells. And the CD44 targeting could come in handy to take out pesky cancer stem cells that tend to resist standard chemo.

Fierce Drug Delivery believes that one of the best selling points to this platform is that it is packaged with a drug that is in development that is in the late stages.

Want to learn more about Drug Delivery? The Drug Delivery Partnerships conference will take place February 6-8, 2013 in San Diego, Ca. For information on how to become involved in the program, email Conference Director Heather King.  For a recap on the 2012 Executive Summary, download it here.

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