Friday, April 20, 2012

LyoGo's Latest Drug Delivery Development

LyoGo, a company formed by three graduate student at Purdue University and winner of last year’s 10xelerator, is changing the way injectable medication is being administered. Their new technology will allow patients to give themselves injectable medication, minimizing the number of doctors’ visits, and ultimately decreasing their healthcare costs.

The issue with self-administering medication before always came down to the possible error in mixing and injecting it, however Lyogo says that they have simplified this process. And with an investment from an investor, they will have the opportunity to refine the device. Greco says “LyoGo is gathering test data which the pharmaceutical companies can use to assess the compatibility of our device with their drugs. We expect to be working soon with a pharmaceutical company to pair their drug with our device so that it may improve patients’ lives. How do you think this will effect lyophilized drugs in the future?
Want to learn more about Drug Delivery? The Drug Delivery Partnerships conference will take place February 6-8, 2013 in San Diego, CA. To view the recap on the 2012 Executive Summary, download it here.

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