Friday, April 13, 2012

Fierce’s Top 5 Drug Delivery Companies To Watch

Whether its insurance issues, expiring drug patents, or constitutional acts, it’s evident that healthcare is a topic of conversation. Another subject to keep your eye on for the next coming months? Drug delivery companies. Below are Fierce’s top 5 Drug Delivery Companies to watch:

QLT - (Vancouver) The company is now in PHASE II of their glaucoma trial for the punctual plug delivery system. For years eye treatment has been a concern but this low maintenance, one time office visit device might change that forever.

Bend Research – (Oregon) This company is best known for their controlled-release and inhalation technology. They recently signed with major drug companies to provide services including drug formulation, analysis, engineering and manufacturing.

Bind Biosciences – (Cambridge) Bind's Accurins technology blends polymers with existing drugs to create an enhanced, controlled-release compound that hits a precise target with its payload. Last fall Bind received $47.25 million dollars from Russia’s government fund, RusNano for further research and development.

Endocyte – (Indianapolis) Known for developing drugs that are absorbed rapidly by the target and then removed from the body just as fast, to minimize side effects. There have also been talks of their compound, EC145 (used to treat ovarian cancer and other forms of cancer) heading in the Phase III direction.

Polymer Factor – (Stockholm) The company's technology is based on polyester dendrimers and monodisperse polymers (like proteins) for which it owns the intellectual property. Also a contract research company, Polymer Factory uses its drug delivery materials to support research and development in the pharmaceutical industry, among other sectors.

Would you add/amend any of these companies? Who do you think will have the greatest impact on the drug delivery industry in years to come?

Want to learn more about Drug Delivery? The Drug Delivery Partnerships conference will take place February 6-8, 2013 in San Diego, CA. To view the recap on the 2012 Executive Summary, download it here. (Link:

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