Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Drug delivery will help nanotechnology

Howard Lovy of PJ Media sees drug delivery as the one place nanotechnology will stand up to it's hype. Side effects are one of the most publicized occurrences when it comes to drugs, however, the technology and microdelivery that is included in nanodelivery can solve the majority of these problems:

In many cases, the drug breaks down, but then tend to clump together. The body generally sees these clumps as alien invaders and works like crazy to get them out. So, one of the major problems facing the pharmaceutical industry today is the poor solubility of drugs. The result is that drugmakers tack on compounds to make the drugs soluble.

So what does nanotechnology do: Improves solubility, targets tumors better and has a better effect to control the release of the drugs.

At Drug Delivery Partnerships 2012, Novo Nordisk, Baxter Healthcare, Emergent Technologies will be presenting a symposium entitled Nanotechnology and RNAi Use for Drug Formulation and Delivery: How Do We Move Closer to Success? that will look at how technologies like this are impacting the drug delivery sector  Register to join us in Las Vegas and don't forget to mention code XP1778BLOG to receive 25% off the standard rate.

What are the other benefits you see nanotechnology bringing to drug delivery?

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