Friday, December 2, 2011

Drug delivery proves to be critical as many Pharma companies face 2012

With the patent cliff of 2012 and no prospect of blockbuster drugs coming for Pharma companies, they're looking to drug delivery technologies as a way to enhance their current portfolios. By creating a new delivery method, there are higher chances that the drug will be approved by the FDA and extend their product lifecycles.

Yan Xiang Yang, Lux Analyst and the Lead Author of the new report Ranking Emerging Delivery Technologies: Tools for Making Old Drugs New and New Drugs Work states: "Drug delivery technologies do more than just deliver drugs. Sometimes, the choice of a drug-delivery system can make or break the commercialization of a drug through its effect on consumer behavior. Finding the right system is a highly technical process specific to each delivery technology; but for investors, business execution and potential for growth are key."

Drug delivery is the new IP extension strategy.  By creating new ways to deliver drugs, it can increase the effectiveness of the drug, decrease the side effects, and also increase patient compliance.

Drug Delivery Partnerships 2012 is taking place this January 25-27 in Las Vegas.  It is the place to collaborate and discuss with industry experts about the future for drug delivery.  Meet your next partner or see the next hot drug delivery technology by attending.  For more information, visit our webpage.  As a reader of this blog, mention code XP1778BLOG to receive a discount of 25% off the standard rate!

What are some of the breakthroughs you see drug delivery making for the Pharma industry over the next few years?

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