Thursday, December 8, 2011

Batteries could be the next trigger for Drug Delivery

In a new innovative, yet simple procedure, researchers at Standford University have developed a drug delivery method where nanoparticles are triggered by the jolt of energy from the battery.  Instead of the traditional methods, which often include electronic chips or surgery, according to Fierce Drug Delivery.

According to the article the system works like:
[Researchers] loaded a chemotherapy drug and fluorescent dye into conductive-polymer nanoparticles, and placed them into a temperature-sensitive solution that becomes a gel after it is injected into the body. In the lab, a light electrical jolt generated by an AA battery caused the nanoparticles to release the drugs, and different levels and durations of the electricity controlled dosage level and duration.

This method can control the level and dosage according to how long the batters are charged.

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