Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Needle free drug delivery grows exponentially through 2016

Today, the needle free drug delivery market worldwide is worth $3.6 billion, but is expected to grow 15.1% annually through 2016 to reach $6.2 billion. Ease of use, safety and cost are three of the major drivers for this. According to inPharma Technologist, it is largely the developing delivery method of needle free jet injectors that will cause this growth. The medication is delivered by a burst of pressured liquid or powder through a nozzle against the patients' skin. Mary Anne Crandle believes that many biotech companies need to become involved in the drug delivery process sooner in order to meet the demands of the users of this growing market.

At the 16th Annual Drug Delivery Partnerships Conference, January 25-27 in Las Vegas, you will not only hear about needle-free delivery systems, but a wide array of delivery technologies new to the market and currently being developed.

Aside from the jet injectors, what other forms of needle free drug delivery do you see on the market that could make a big difference in the satisfaction of the consumers using these devices?

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