Friday, August 26, 2011

A Market For Prefilled Syringes

The distribution of medication has been a controversial issue for many years. However, distributors may have one less matter to worry about come this fall. This year your influenza vaccine will be distributed in a prefilled syringe, rather than vile. Prefilled syringes are secure, easy to use, minimize the chance for dosage error and increase patient compliance.

This week Unilife announced their latest development, an EZMix multiple-chamber (prefilled) syringe. Unifill EZMix syringes are designed to address the unmet needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies active within the large, fast-growing market for lyophilized drugs and vaccines. CEO Alan Shortall predicts the market for lyophilized drugs and vaccines will double in the future. The change in the way they are distributing syringes, will help to optimize the delivery of medication, by making it both fast and efficient. In the next few years many drug patents will begin to expire and this will be a huge opportunity to market new distribution mechanisms.

For the first time at Drug Delivery Partnerships, Unilife will be on hand to present their exciting new technology. Join them and hundreds of your peers working in drug delivery today in January in Las Vegas!

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