Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rx-OTC Switches: Drug Delivery Leverage for Growth

Below you will find a short overview of the presentation by Bob Nissen last year at Drug Delivery Partnerships - To learn more about the 2015 event, click here. To download the complete presentation, click here.

OTC or Over-the-counter drugs are, by definition, are medicines that can be sold or purchased without a prescription.

OTC brands continue to grow in the five key categories; pain, cough/cold/allergy, gastrointestinal, nutritional, and dermatological. These drugs have reached over $120B in annual sales globally in 2012, an increase of $23B since 2008. This widespread growth of OTC drugs are due to consumers pursuing a quick fix, to avoid doctor visits, prevention, and easy use.

The question remains, how can drug delivery improve OTC's?
  • Makes a better product
    • Acts faster
    • Greater efficacy
    • More convenient
  • Increases compliance
  • Encourages repeat usage and purchase

What is an Rx-OTC Switch?

The transfer of proven prescription drugs (Rx) to nonprescription standards. These must have a wide safety margin and be effective as well as understandable labeling to ensure proper use.

Drugs such as, Claritin to Claritin-D and Mucinex are examples of Rx-OTC Switch.

To learn more about Rx-OTC Switch, download the entire presentation from Bob Nissen here.

And be sure to check out Drug Delivery Partnerships 2015.

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