Friday, January 9, 2015

Reminder: partneringONE is now open

We hope you had a great new year and are ready for the 19th Annual Drug Delivery Partnerships later this month! Just a friendly reminder, partneringONE® is now open!

Log in today so you can:
  • Set your availability for participating in partnering meetings during the event in your online agenda
  • Browse and search profiles from companies attending Drug Delivery Partnerships 2015.
  • Bookmark companies of interest and make contact via partneringONE® messaging system by sending and receiving "meeting requests"

All profiles will be made visible by default, unless you have specifically requested to stay invisible. Ensure both your company and your personal profiles are up to date.

Profiles provide an important first impression. Please ensure that you have entered all relevant information to accurately describe your partnering goals at Drug Delivery Partnerships 2015.

Once you have logged into your partnering account
  • Go to Edit Profile > Company, and fill in the relevant fields.
  • Press 'Save' periodically.
  • Make yourself visible by clicking on the "Set Profile Visible" button.
  • All registrants from your company can edit your company's profile so please coordinate with your colleagues.

To learn more about partneringONE, please watch our video tutorials here. For assistance, please contact Mat Laquoi at

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