Friday, December 12, 2014

Nasal Vaccine Formulation and Delivery: Potential and Challenges

Nasal Vaccine Formulation and Delivery: Potential and Challenges

A presentation by MedImmune at last years Drug Delivery Partnerships. Below you can find a brief overview of the presentation, but download the complete presentation here.

Presentation Overview:
  • Why vaccines?
    • Vaccines contain an agent resembling a disease-causing agent
    • Vaccines are cost-effective for the prevention of ID
    • Vaccines elicit immune responses
    • Vaccination is one of the most cost-effective investments in global health
    • Disease eradication
  • Nasal delivery of vaccines
    • Promising environment for the delivery of vaccines
    • Non-mucosal versus mucosal administration route
    • Addresses hurdles faced by other routes of delivery
    • Most pathogens enter the body through the mucosal route
  • Challenges in the nasal cavity
    • Dose volume restrictions
    • Mucosal clearance
    • Potential enzymatic degradation
    • Small anterior anatomy
  • Pharmaceutical factors affecting nasal vaccine delivery
  • Case study: Validating API
  • Future directions
    • Vaccine formulation compositions that increase residence time in the NALT
    • Intranasal delivery of the vaccine might need to be synchronize with inhalation
    • Using anatomically correct nasal models

To view this entire presentation, click here.

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