Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Insight into the World of Drug Delivery Devices: New Developments in Advance Drug Delivery

Steven Kaufman, Vice President of Marketing at SHL Group presented at DDP 2014 and the overview of his presentation titled "Insight into the World of Drug Delivery Devices: New Developments in Advanced Drug Delivery" can be found below. To download the complete 2014 presentation, click here. 

• What is driving increased demand for devices?
• Which specifications should be known when starting?
• How many partners will be involved?
• What considerations should you take when selecting a partner?

• Biopharmaceutical & device companies must work together to be successful.
• Look at case studies of devices on the market today & develop your teams knowledge internally.
• Understand what it takes to get a device project started & finished
• Always be looking at new technologies but be aware that the market is quite conservative
• Choose the right partners & move forward with them - start today...

Steven will be joining us at DDP again in 2015 where he will be presenting on "Insight into the Changing World of Auto Injectors: Trends, Partnerships and Innovations". This presentation provides an overview of key self-injection devices, such as auto injectors, and how they support the growing trend of injectable biologics coming to market. The session starts with an introduction of different types of auto injectors and pen injectors, including some products that have helped to revolutionize the industry. Trends such as the increased importance of human factors, regulatory changes and speed to market demands related to an influx of generic injectable and biosimilars are highlighted. Based on the practical experience of working with leading biopharmaceutical companies to develop such devices, Steven will provide advice on what to look for when identifying suitable partners to support these combination product programs.

• Overview of auto injector related launches, highlighting the drivers of the market, such as increased number of injectable products needing devices – ranging from innovator, generic and biosimilars injectables.

• Trends in the area of combination products related to human factors, regulatory changes, FTO/IP & speed to market concerns.

• Partnerships will highlight which parties need to be involved in your device program, such as primary container supplier, filler, device manufacturer and various consultants.

• Innovation will be an interesting section where the speaker will show some new technologies that are being introduced to the device programs of the future – such as connectivity, smart tech and more.

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