Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Soft Capsules: A Versatile Drug Delivery System

Below you will find the overview of a presentation from Drug Delivery Partnerships 2014 titled, "Soft Capsules: A Versatile Drug Delivery System" by Norman Stroud, Director, Technology Development, Catalent.

Download the complete presentation here.

Presentation Topics:
• Soft Capsules
     > General overview of soft capsule technology
     > Features and versatility of soft capsules
     > Recent developments: expanding the soft capsule
        technology platform
               - OptiShell™


• Soft capsules are suitable for a wide variety of dosage and
delivery systems and often can be used to enhance therapeutic

• The development of the OptiShell™, soft capsule technology has
expanded our encapsulation capability with respect to many
different types of fill formulation

• The OptiShell™ capsule shells can be used for the development
of liquid, suspension, and semi-solid formulations that would
otherwise prove extremely challenging or impossible to formulate
using conventional, gelatin shell technology

• Work is underway to investigate the feasibility of using
OptiShell™, and other novel encapsulation approaches, to further
enhance the delivery and absorption of challenging API’s
(including macromolecules)

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