Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Parenteral Drug Delivery: Increasing safety and changing the drug delivery game

In a recent article at On Drug Delivery, Pieter Muntendam, MD; Gerhard Mayer, PhD; and Lars Krinelke, MD, PhD, Sensile Medical AG look at their latest developments in subcutaneous administration. This delivery method is less invasive and deliverers medication under the skin. The new treatment method devised by Sensile allows anytime anywhere treatment. The article focuses no a patch-pump device that allows drug delivery over a given period of time, desired rate and desired volume of drug. This allows patients to continue with their every day life while receiving the medication they still need.

According to the authors, the two clear benefits for this type of drug delivery are: supplementing IV with subcutaneous administration and substituting subcutaneous administration for IV.  This type of delivery gives the freedom of choosing when and where the drug delivery will take place.  Other benefits of this type of drug delivery method are auto-fill from standard primary container, controlled delivery of large volume, platform for multiple applications, optimising pharmacokinetics, cost efficiency, and advanced proprietary features.

With a drug delivery device like this, what do you think are the main advantages of putting the control of the drug delivery devices into the hands of the patients?

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