Friday, January 10, 2014

Highlights from our podcast featuring: Ian Hardy

Today's podcast features Ian Hardy, Pharmaceutical Development Director, Merck. Hardy discusses the potential of emerging markets through partnerships, as well as the opportunities for both pharmaceutical and drug delivery companies. Check out our highlights below:

Emerging markets are playing an increasingly prominent role in the drug delivery industry. Can you frame this opportunity for our listeners?

Ian: Certainly. So, emerging markets is tremendously important to the future growth of the pharmaceutical and drug delivery industry; 84% of the world’s population lives in emerging markets with more disposable income to spend on healthcare for a growing middle class. Consequently, 90% of pharmaceutical industry growth is expected to come from emerging markets in the next five years with several of these markets set to appear in the top ten lists of pharmaceutical markets.

What role has partnerships played in the emerging markets and how do you see this evolving?

Ian: Multi-national pharmaceutical companies have partnered with or acquired companies in the emerging markets to achieve a number of objectives. The major objective has been to access and expand product portfolios of branded generics as these represent the largest growth opportunities within the emerging markets, as well as obtaining greater market share within individual countries and regions. Partnerships have also enabled access to local knowledge and local distribution networks, both critical factors to success in the emerging markets.

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