Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Study shows cylindrical and worm-shaped nanoparticles to be more effective in the delivery of cancer drugs

Could changing the shape of a nanoparticle help deliver the drug in a more efficient way? Researchers from University of New South Wales seem to think so. The scientists published a study highlighting the importance and effectiveness of the shape of the nanoparticle.  

They concluded that the shape plays an important role in how much of a drug is taken in by cancer cells and how effective those drugs are once they get there. "What we've discovered is that a different shaped nanoparticle can have a very different effect on cancer cells, even with the same amount of drug," said co-leader Cyrille Boyer of UNSW in a statement.

Researchers applied this particular study to breast cancer treatment and found the shape to be 7 times more effective. Nanoparticles seem to have taken 2013 by storm, what type of technologies do you think we'll see in 2014?

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