Thursday, October 17, 2013

New delivery method could help treat diabetes via mini-pancreas grown from stem cells

Researchers have tried various alternative methods for insulin delivery including pills, inhalants, and even an artificial pancreas, but what is their latest development? This week researchers announced the future of insulin delivery could be a tiny pancreas created from stem cells. Diabetes is at an all time high, and this recent discovery be beneficial for creating spare cells and tiny artificial organs for testing purposes.

The scientists noted in particular the development potential of pancreas cells, demonstrating that cells in a cluster have a community effect that allows them to expand more efficiently than individual cells. Down the road, this information could lead to a more fully developed method of creating beta cells, which produce the insulin-releasing characteristic of a healthy pancreas, according to the abstract. 

How could creating new organs from stem cells change the way we treat, not just diabetes, but other diseases, such as cancer? Want to learn more about the latest in drug delivery?

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