Friday, July 26, 2013

Expanding Market For Topical Delivery

This week, Alliqua announced the launch of their preclinical study of a transdermal patch containing lidocaine. The global market for drug delivery is said to reach over $220 billion by 2017. Due to the development of hydrogels, the demand for advanced dressing has increased, with the US and Europe holding the top markets.

Alliqua's hydrogels are manufactured through a carefully monitored process that ensures a high product quality. The characteristics of Alliqua's hydrogels include: painless adhesion to the human body, stability of form and composition, purity, reproducibility (manufacturing high quality product on a consistent basis), compatibility with active ingredients, and high water content.

A survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan, found that Physicians also prefer to prescribe topical medication, such as transdermal patches because it helps to raise compliance and improve outcomes. The drug delivery market is only growing, with so many patents expiring soon, as well as stricter FDA regulations. What other types of advanced dressings do you think we'll see for the future? 

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