Monday, January 14, 2013

Oral insulin trial moving towards Phase II

Oramed Pharmaceuticals, an Israeli-based company, has been developing a oral form of insulin to treat type 2 diabetes, and the company announced that it will soon be moving towards Phase II of their clinical trials. The U.S. trial would be the largest oral insulin trial for Oramed to date.

Oramed's oral formulations, delivered in enteric-coated capsules, protect peptides and proteins from digestion and help them to pass across the gut wall into the bloodstream. ORMD-0801 could also have potential in Type 1 diabetes, improving blood glucose control and cutting the number of daily insulin injections.

The oral method of insulin could raise patient compliance and reduce the number of injections, making the overall experience for the patient more pleasant. Also transporting a capsule instead of a needle and liquid will make it much more convenient for patients. If approved, how do you think this oral form of insulin will change the way we treat diabetes?

Because technology is allowing more independence when it comes to treatments, patient centricity is always taken into consideration when new systems are being developed. But what are the best ways to monitor these treatments?

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