Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Future of Drug Delivery

According to a recent report published by Lux Research (Boston), pharmaceutical companies should begin to focus on drug delivery devices, specifically, electronic-enabled ones. As current patents begin to expire, this is also an opportunity to upgrade. Yan Xiang Yang, author of the report sees areas for growth for drug-delivery devices in the future, especially for treating patients with severe or chronic illnesses.

At Drug Delivery Partnerships, hundreds of pharmaceutical and drug delivery thought leaders come together to develop partnerships to create the next great product that will bring relief to millions of patients. Drug delivery devices have become an important area of focus as they present an opportunity to extend life cycles and increase patient compliance. At DDP, participants can attend the 2nd Annual Drug Delivery Device Combination Product Symposium. For the first time this year at DDP there will also be a keynote panel presentation on How Devices and Combination Products are Changing the Drug Delivery Game. Participants in this panel include: Philip Green, Senior Director, Biologics Device Strategy at Merck, Paul Jansen, Global Head of Medical Devices at Sanofi-aventis, Donna French, Senior Director of Device Development at Genentech and James J. Collins, Vice President of Drug Delivery and Device R&D at Eli Lilly. Sign up for updates on the 17th Annual Drug Delivery Partnerships Conference taking place February 6-8, 2012, in San Diego, CA.

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