Friday, January 27, 2012

#DDPEvent 2012: OTC brands and CEOs Perspectives

The New IP Landscape: Less is More
Philip C. Strassburger, Purdue Pharma L.P

What’s the most important issue on IP Protection at this time? He believes ownership is the most important issue at this time. It is important that you can document the fact that the ownership has completely transferred from the inventor to the company.

Review employee and consulting agreements to confirm ownership obligations
-Conduct regular audits on chain of title on important IP
-When buying or licensiging IP: Due diligence on chain of title, structure deal in a manner that details business needs and objectives

Capitalize on Novel Drug Delivery to Build OTC Brand Franchises
Bob Nissen, Nissen , Consulting
Dennis Nelson, Chattem, Inc., a Sanofi Compan

Nissen: An OTC is a medicine that can be purchased without a prescription. There are some of the key segments: pain, cough/cold/allergy, nutritional, dermatological. This accounted for $100 billion in annual sales. The biggest brand worldwide is Tylenol. A consumers main goal is to feel better faster. How does drug delivery make OTCs better? A good place to find out more about OTCs for the United States:

Nelson: Companies in the OTC space like to develop a brand franchise so they develop: line extensions, new brands and Rx to OTC switches. Emerging challenges in the OTC Market: innovation, differentiation, speed, regulatory, and compliance. In order to achieve innovation for development of new OTC products, it’s critical to have a product concept, technology and consumer need. What to consider: new dosage forms, new packaging, new combinations of drugs, pediatric products and senior friendly products.

Drug Delivery Technology Company C-Suite Panel
Lee Shorter, GlaxoSmithKline
Sesha Neervannan, Allergan
James Ingebrand, 3M Drug Delivery Systems

How will drug delivery be involved over the next few years:
Ingebrand Serving the Pharma segment. What 3M sees is big shifts within Pharma, which will change the way they do things. At Allergan, drug delivery is an integral part of what they do. It’s not an add on or a part that succeeds, but hey think of drug delivery right from the start.

What’s on the cusp of making a breakthrough in the drug delivery industry? Ingebrand believes that the micro technology is points to breakthrough. It’s early but could be the breakthrough. Shorter thinks that the developing world and the possibilities for vaccinations, not only the success that could come with needles.

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