Monday, January 16, 2012

Could poweder liquid based proteins encourage better patient complaince?

The scientists at Engineered BioPharmaceuticals believe so.  According to Go Dan River, The new company in Virginia is working on creating powder dried versions of liquid based proteins for easier storage of drugs such as vaccines that often have to be handled with extreme care.  This new company is working to find a way to make the molecules similar to those in the body so they are more effective in the drug.  The company also believes it could help vaccinations become a bigger possibility for the rest of the world, as they could ship easier.   It would also give the government an opportunity to stock pile vaccines.

Next week at Drug Delivery Partnerships, Riccardo Panicucci, Global Head,Chemical and Pharmaceutical Profiling, Novartis will be on hand to present "Overcome the Adoption Hurdle to Develop a Product that Will Enjoy Robust Patient Compliance" which will address how companies can look at how different delivery formats can be developed, much like Engineered BioPharmaceuticals is doing for these liquid proteins. For more information on this session and the rest of the event, download the brochure here. We also encourage you to join us next week in Las Vegas for Drug Delivery Partnerships. As a reader of this blog, when you register and mention code XP1786BLOG, you save 25% off the standard rate.

What opportunities do you see with developing a method were liquid based proteins are freeze dried for easier delivery?

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