Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Breakthrough in Q-Dot technology to locate drug delivery

At the University of Central Florida, researchers have made a breakthrough with electronic quantum dot technology that allows them to see exactly where and how much of a drug has been administered to a cancer cell.

According to Florida Biotechnology News, when the quantum cell attaches and delivers the drug, through a microscope, researchers can identify the location of the delivery thanks to the reddish light the q-dot emits.  The researchers can see the number of cells light up as well as the size of the tumor to judge the effectiveness of the treatment.  The full report on this breakthrough in the Q-Dot technology is in the new volume of Biomaterials.

At Drug Delivery Partnerships 2012, Novo Nordisk, Baxter Healthcare, Emergent Technologies will be presenting a symposium entitled Nanotechnology and RNAi Use for Drug Formulation and Delivery:  How Do We Move Closer to Success? further examining cases like the breakthroughs in Q-Dot technology.  Register to join us in Las Vegas and don't forget to mention code XP1778BLOG to receive 25% off the standard rate.

What can a breakthrough like this in nanotechnology do for the advancement of cancer treatment?

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