Thursday, November 3, 2011

DDP Keynote Marc Koska talks to us about Drug Delivery’s role in Global Health

One of this year’s keynotes is Marc Koska. He is the inventor of the first non-reusable syringe credited with saving over 10 million lives. In this DDP Exclusive Podcast, Mark Koska discusses how important the drug delivery community is for global health, as well as how Drug Delivery Partnerships facilitates not only forward-thinking business development, but also the betterment of health conditions worldwide.

Download the “Importance of Safe Drug Delivery in the Developing World” Podcast here.

During the podcast, Marc answers this question:
Has anyone from the pharmaceutical side of things ever reached out to you to partner directly? Or are they very much removed because, obviously, you are the technology as opposed to the drug?

His answer:
No, no one has ever reached out and it is a shame because we’ve always tried to pick up on that wave length. You know, if someone was selling, for instance, a Hepatitis vaccine, that they would want that safely delivered in the developing world (especially since it is where we focus most of our attention). And it seems a shame and it seems like a missed opportunity just simply because if a drug company/vaccine company wants to deliver a product with kudos, if you like, so that this one is as pure as it could possibly be, it seems like a great opportunity. But, we’ve never really picked that up and joined the two dots together. But I can understand why and that is because until you get the market reaching a tipping point, you can understand why people wouldn’t want to pioneer and put effort into putting another new item, another variable into the market. So, I can understand the reticence, but it seems like the time is really becoming now that we should be having those conversations.

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