Thursday, October 13, 2011

The FDA vows to encourage innovation instead of hinder it

Image Source: FDA
In yesterday's DDP TV post, one of the main themes was how Dean Kamen faced a constant challenge of having the FDA approve many of his high-tech prosthetic limbs which could better the lives of our service men coming from the war in the Middle East.

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg recently addressed this by vowing to make the pathway for new medical devices and technologies clearer.  To help, the FDA has begun to partner with the US Small Business Administration, working with entrepreneurs from start to finish so that they understand the the regulatory process of the FDA. The Venture Capitol Dispatch states there is also a new FDA commissioner to oversee the regulatory processes for drugs, biologics and cell-based therapies.

Do you think these new steps by the FDA will help the approval process for new drug delivery technologies?

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