Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A new method for medication to cross the blood brain barrier

 In early tests, scientists have finally been able to breach the blood-brain barrier to deliver short ultrasound bursts that deliver enough treatment to the hippocampus portion of the brain.  The barrier was then able to recover anywhere between three hours and three days later.  This is the first treatment that has been discovered to deliver enough medication directly to the brain through the blood brain barrier.

This could result in positive treatments for other neurological conditions according to the Multiple Sclerosis Trust:
Although the research is at a very early stage, it shows promise for other neurological conditions. It may allow the use of new drugs or therapies and lower doses as the therapeutic agent could be delivered to the area where it was needed most. 

At the Drug Delivery Partnerships Conference this coming January, Novel Drug Delivery Technology and
Partnering Case Studies will be at the center of the program, looking at new novel drugs and technologies that will benefit the industry.

What are the key conditions that could stand to benefit from this new technology?

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