Friday, May 20, 2011

Effective delivery systems are needed for biologics

Sanofi Pasteur recently saw the FDA approve its new delivery method for Fluzone Intradermal, its influenza vaccine. A report in Pharma Tech Talk describes how the new application delivers biologics via a microinjection system with needles that are .06 inches long. The biologic is delivered to the dermal layer of the skin, a place where dendric cells are highly concentrated and can deliver the immune response. Because biologics are difficult to administer orally – a far less invasive delivery system than injection – intradermal microinjection is a less intrusive, innovative way that is more likely to connect with patients and improve their willingness to use the medication.

It is a fairly widely-held belief that more patient friendly options to receive biologics must be developed so that patients are more likely to comply with the dosage prescriptions. At the 16th Annual Drug Delivery Partnerships Conference, industry experts will share their first hand perspectives on the current landscape of biologic drug delivery from both pharmaceutical and technology companies and answer questions like:

  • Do they foresee patient friendly delivery methods of biologics a rising priority for Pharma companies?
  • Which technologies are the most promising in the area of biologic delivery?

What do you think?

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