Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The next big blockbuster: Delivery Technology

Many Pharma companies are facing the upcoming patent cliff of 2012. Pfizer’s Lipitor (atorvastatin calcium) is a prime example. The blockbuster cholesterol drug has been a major boon to the Pharma giant, but It’s believed that between 2012 and 2014, over $140 billion in revenue will disappear due to its patent expiring.

In a recent article from InPharma Technologist, a researcher for Lux Research expresses her belief that finding the next blockbuster shouldn't be these companies’ only goal, but they should focus a more significant amount of R&D funds on developing relationships and creating novel technologies to more effectively deliver the drugs. If Pharma companies can focus on finding better and more efficient ways to deliver their current drugs, those drugs will stand out for consumers. Everyone wants their drugs to be easy to manage. If current customers are happier with the delivery and it facilitates compliance, it will be far easier to market the drug and new customers will be enticed.

At Drug Delivery Partnerships this year, this topic will be explored in depth during the track entitled, “New Areas of Drug Delivery Resulting from Patent Expirations.” The industry's leading experts will explore a host of topics, including advances in pulmonary drug delivery systems, gastroretentive formulations and nanoparticles for cancer drug delivery.

Drug delivery innovation for product differentiation and value creation is not a new concept, however as the industry shifts will it become a top priority for the industry? Please offer your thoughts on the topic.

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