Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scientists use chemical nanoblasts as new delivery method

In a recent article at Nano, they look at the new drug delivery method: chemical nanoblasts. This is a new way to penetrate living cells and deliver small molecules, proteins and DNA.

The system works by:
Carbon nanoparticles activated by bursts of laser light trigger the tiny blasts, which open holes in cell membranes just long enough to admit therapeutic agents contained in the surrounding fluid. By adjusting laser exposure, the researchers administered a small-molecule marker compound to 90 percent of targeted cells – while keeping more than 90 percent of the cells alive.

Georgia Institute of Technology was responsible for developing the new delivery method, and one researcher believes that gene therapy could be one of the greatest benefactors from this new technology.

For more information on how the new technology works, visit the Nano website.

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