Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New transdermal technology in the form of cream

A new transdermal cream technology is catching the interest of many. This new drug delivery method, in form of cream, delivers medication through the skin to underlying tissue in cream form. Cream is an advantage, as it does not leave a residue as a gel or patch would. It's an appealing form for the patient.

Many drugs can be translated into the substance and used according to John Lomoro, acting CEO and CFO of Transdel:
“It’s compatible with any number of drugs and sizes of those drugs so not only are we looking to utilize it for drugs that are approved and established in the market, delivering them through a transdermal, but also if a company as a novel chemical entity, if they’re looking for a transdermal delivery technology, we feel that ours, potentially is something that could be licensed to them to develop their product as well. Basically our technology utilizes a combination of penetrator enhancers to take the drug through the skin barrier and delivering it to the affected tissues."

Biomed Reports has more on the story here.

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