Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Biosimilars open up new market for drug delivery devices

With the newly opened pathway for biosimilars, drug device companies have an opportunity to provide a more comfortable experience for patients that are using them as medication. From biologics to biosimilars, the company that pairs the biosimilars with the easiest drug delivery device will probably see the most success.

Doctors are more likely to prescribe the drug that patients will use. The regulatory pathway for biosimilars is now set, so the next step is to get the product to the patient. But contrary to the generic market for single molecule drugs, competition will not be driven by price discounts. Doctors are going to be more likely to prescribe the medicines that have high compliance for the patient.

The biosimilars market, while in the early stages, has the opportunity to provide tremendous advantages to those who start working with it now. Biologics, due to the fact that they aren’t the typical pill, pose a huge challenge for patient compliance. It is obvious that drug delivery companies work directly with the drug manufacturers to create an easy, consistent way for patients to take their medication.

Source: The Gray Sheet

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